Design and Testing

All spring orders are run through our Institute of spring technology spring calculator.

This will ascertain if what you require can be achieve using a particular materialĀ grade and coil spring dimensions.

springs designing and testingIt will also show the manufacturing tolerance and a spring drawing.

An example of a design requirement would be:

Customer Requested:
The material to be stainless steel
The spring had to take 8.5 N/mm and to fit over a 12mm bar.

The spring supplied was:
12.90mm ID
27mm FL
1.8mm 302 Stainless steel wire
Ends Square and ground
And would operate at position 19.9mm and 15.2mm taking a load of 60.35N and 100N retrospectively.

Once the spring has been put through the software and the customer has approved the specification we proceed to manufacture.

The springs are tested at numerous intervals such as first off inspection, in process inspection, and final inspection. A record of each inspection is kept as part of our ISO13485 process.

We offer in house load testing capabilities for your compression and extension springs.

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