Compression Springs

Efficient and reliable, custom ground and non-ground products, our compression springs are engineered to exacting tolerances for both manual and automated assembly. Read More

Extension Springs

Extension/Helical springs manufacture as you require them including a wide range of end hooks, full twist loops and other configurations.

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Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are used for hinges, counterbalances and lever return applications. Sizes range from miniatures used in electronic devices to large torsion springs.

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Wire forming at Shannon Coiled Springs covers a vast array of business sectors, from telecommunions, engineering and electronics industries to the agricultural, mining and building industries.

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Shannon Coiled Springs

We manufacture from round wire, starting at wire thickness of 0.20mm. Our machines range from manual coilers to the latest state of the art automatic coiling and wire forming machines. We manufacture Compression springs in Parallel, Conical and Barrel configurations and are available with the ends such as Ground or Unground End or Open Ends. Our Extension Springs are available in Parallel, Conical or Barrel configurations with a wide range of end hooks, such as Swivel Loops, English Loops, German Loops and Machined and Inserted Loops.

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Design and Testing

Spring Materials

Wall Ties

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